Our Cape Town City Bowl Tours Map

We’ve plotted our 5 City Bowl tours on this wonderful aerial map of the Cape Town CBD to plan your adventure through the old city

Click on each number to find out which tour is linked to it and then click on the pop-up box for that tour to find out more about it and of course book it!

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Oranjezicht Tour


The Company's Garden Tour


Adderley Street and the Old Cape Town CBD Tour


Long Street Tour


Bo-Kaap Tour

Meet Your Guide

Cameron Peters M.St (Oxford)

Cameron Peters M.St (Oxford)

Founder, Guide & Storyteller Extraordinaire


Cameron Luke Peters is an Oxford graduate and a long-suffering, erstwhile PhD candidate in Film Studies at the University of Cape Town who sunlights as a historical tour guide of the Western Cape.

Originally from Durban, he’s spent the last ten years striving to make the Mother City his own like so many global migrants before him. When he’s not procrastinating on various pieces of writing, you can find him yearning on a beach somewhere, shooting film in dodgy places and picking up plastic bottles off the street whilst shaking his head and tutting under his breath


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Cape Town City Bowl Tours


The heart of Cape Town, the City Bowl, is a vibrant hub teeming with historical significance and architectural marvels. Cape Town Heritage Tours invites you to embark on a journey through time as you stroll through iconic sites and hidden gems tucked away in the city’s bustling streets.

Historical Highlights of the City Bowl: Step back in time and trace the footsteps of Cape Town’s early settlers as you explore landmarks such as the Castle of Good Hope, Company’s Garden, and the Grand Parade. Uncover tales of colonial rule, indigenous heritage, and the struggle for freedom that have shaped the city’s identity.

We have 5 different tours in the Cape Town City Bowl. Have a look at each of them by clicking through below:


cape town city bowl tours

The Company’s Garden

cape town city bowl tours

Adderley Street and the Old CBD