Walking Tour 5:

Bo-Kaap Tour

bo kaap tours

Tour Length: 3 hours

Tour Themes: XXXXXXX

Meeting Point: Auwal Masjid

End Point: Bo-Kaap Museum

Fitness Level: Medium

Language: English

Price: R150

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Our Bo Kaap Tours

A Bit of Background

Bo-Kaap – The Beau Kaap

Having got this far, let’s start on the venture of absorbing a whole other Cape History: a lineage of design, ritual, devotion, food, jazz, community and sartorial genius that runs in near-perfect parallel to the overriding stories of the founding of the Cape.

The Bo-Kaap, indeed, is the closest we’ll probably get on these tours to pure, unabashed Cape Heritage. And nowhere else in our province is Heritage such a touch-word for everything that holds a people and a life-world together, or so clearly represents everything that urgently needs to be acknowledged and supported in our city.

So if you want to know how an outpost of the global crescent of Islam has survived and transformed and flourished right by the centre of one of the most hectically segregated and historically traumatised metropoles in modern history, you’ll just need to turn up for this with all your friends and fam.

And rest assured, we will not truck with Orientalism or objectification or any other rhetoric that fails to get to the heart of a living & antique world that counts among its ancestors the builders and weavers of the fabric of the city.

Our Bo Kaap Tours

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All photos, unless otherwise stated, are from the collections of Michael Fortune, Etienne du Plessis and the Cape of Diab group.

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bo kaap tours

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